Analyzing the success of various systems and products of the artificial turf market, we have found that SoccerPro Max S It responds perfectly to what football players, coaches and investors want.

From the point of view of the players, they value aspects like a very natural ball bearing, some props similar to those of a real natural turf and, in addition, practically without abrasion to the skin.

From a technical standpoint, we have achieved these objectives, creating a product, which incorporates a fiber that has a great capacity to return to its initial position (resilience).

In addition, by using an improved polymer we have at the same time achieved a much better resistance to wear not even seen in industry.

The SoccerPro MAX S represents the highest cutting-edge technology, the synthesis of the preferences of our customers and the achievements in design and technology of our R & D department.

In summary, main arguments of why investment in SoccerPro Max It is the right one and some main guides to keep the system in an optimal condition.

Exclusive product Design Since the beginning of the development of SoccerPro Max S We understood that rectangular and flat sheets, used in most monofilament products, had enormous limitations.

Having evaluated many reinforcements in the design of the fiber, we have come to the conclusion that the profile in S or wavy profile has tremendous advantages.

Reinforcement with Alma.

The double-S profile is reinforced with a central nucleus, as we find in most natural grass plants. To ensure its strength, the core is perfectly integrated into the profile of the fiber, with a unique and exceptional thickness (350 microns in the center).

Use of an improved polymer.

In order to have a “soft” play surface the system must meet FIFA’s “abrasion-to-skin” requirements.

The use of an improved polymer ensures the natural touch of our product.

A proper fill of the system will do the rest.

Wear resistance.

The combination of resilience (memory), softness, natural appearance and wear resistance is excellent in this product. The importance of a maintenance routine, in line with the use of the field is of enormous importance to prolong the life of the product.


Resilience is defined as the ability to maintain “live” right lawn leaves. As explained above, SoccerPro Max S was designed with this objective and the result even improves our most optimistic forecasts.

Natural appearance.

Monofilament fiber is preferred because it looks more like natural grass. SoccerPro Max It is made of two shades of green, giving a more natural overall appearance. The double S profile reinforces the natural aspect and definitely looks much more natural than the standard rectangular profile.

Matte effect The typical shines of the standard monofilament fibers are history with SoccerPro Max S; Its design and special polymer greatly reduce the shine effect.

System design.

The system SoccerPro Max S It has been designed to meet various requirements: from the high levels of a high-competition terrain to the intense use of a training camp.

The design also meets the international requirements (FIFA) and Nationals.


Good maintenance is essential for maintaining your sporting benefits throughout your life cycle.

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