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CAD $3.95 per sq. ft.
Py-Pro4515 is a high-quality product for landscaping use. It is extremely durable that keeps lush and green 365 days a year. Thanks to the UV-stability and other designs, it is easy to maintain and keeps the consistent quality throughout the year. Its natural and realistic appearance makes it beautiful and its material makes it comfortable for children and pet.

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CAD $4.95 per sq. ft.
The next step towards High-Tech analyzing the success of various systems and products of the artificial turf market, we have found that PY-PRO4515 responds perfectly to what football players, coaches and investors want. From the point of view of the players, they value aspects like a very natural.

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Paw Pro

CAD $5.59 per sq. ft.
With the rising popularity of pet applications, Bella Turf has created a grass that is aesthetically pleasing for you, and functionally practical for them.

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Cascade Elite

CAD $6.43 per sq. ft
Treat you, your family and your house to Bella Turf’s best-in-class series of artificial grasses. The Cascade Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in.

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CAD $55 50 lb bag
Camofill® is a specialized artificial turf infill different from any others on the market today. It is a multi-colored sand that matches the thatch and hides in the grass. See your grass, not your infill. It’s an all-in-one infill option. You do not need to mix Camofill® with anything else.

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Turftac Seaming Glue

CAD $52.49 – 32oz | CAD $109.19 – 1gal
Seam Glue 32oz – 17 to 20 lin ft or 1gal – 70 to 75 lin ft

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Turf Cloud Flow

CAD $4.05 per sq. ft.
Turf Cloud Flow is Bella Turf’s foam underlay that’s like walking on clouds, with added drainage for decks and patios



CAD $1,590.75 – $4,541.25
Bella Turf putting green kits are easy to install and the great memories you’ll have playing on this grass are completely free!
Kit includes Putting Green, Fringe Grass, Spikes, Seam Glue, and Seam Tape. Base materials and infill not included.



CAD $6.06 per sq. ft.
The Bella Country Club was designed with a single-purpose in mind – the ultimate artificial golf green experience.

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Park Royal

CAD $5.85 per sq. ft.
Live in the lap of luxury with one of Bella Turf’s most elegant and luxurious grasses – the Park Royal. Park Royal has a perfect blend of Emerald and field greens with a warm dry yellow and forest green thatch

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Sierra Pacific – Lite

CAD $5.11 per sq. ft.
Looking for that artificial turf with a natural texture that is ideal for the nature lover and garden enthusiast. The Sierra Pacific – Lite blends authentic olive and field greens with a warm dry yellow and forest green thatch

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SelKirk Elite

CAD $6.43 per sq. ft.
Treat you, your family and your house to Bella Turf’s best-in-class series of artificial grasses. The Selkirk Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in.

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Turf Renu

CAD $49.95 per bottle
Keep your artificial grass at its best with Turf Renu. Turf Renu is premium artificial turf pet stain and odour removal cleaner that was designed with your family in mind.

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Turf Spikes

CAD $141.74 50 lb box
A Turf Spike is used to secure your artificial grass to the ground and prevent the edges from peeling away from the landscape.

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Coastal Pro

CAD $6.43 per sq. ft.
Designed with Bella Turf’s ultra Soft S-blade technology, Coastal Pro offers one of the softest artificial grass products available. If play is on your mind, Coastal Pro is for you!


CAD $8.28 per sq. ft.

Bella Indoor Gym Turf, a surface durable enough for weighted gym sleds, yet comfortable enough for floor exercise. Available in 9 colors or with custom printed logos or designs.

CAD $0.75 per sq. ft.

Heavy duty artificial grass Seam Tape. Bella Turf’s Seam Tape is the same thing professionals use on high-end synthetic grass installations and sports arena turfs.

CAD $4.19 per sq. ft.

Bella Chelsea Sport Turf, Bring the competition! Chelsea Grass is the same surface used by the Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea Grass is available with or without thatch. FIFA-approved. For the goal of the game.


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No Chemicals, fertilizers and others
Great for pets
Safe for children of all ages
Allergy free play surface
Great for poor drainage or shaded areas
10 years warranty
Provides all season play
Easy to install
Passes all safety and consumer regulatory guidelines
Keeps insects and critters away
Year around outdoor enjoyment
Earth Friendly: 100% Recyclable, reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions