The innovative shape of the Duo shape features the perfect combination of resistance 1 resilience. Specially developed to improve the performance of the game, Duo Shape will guide the evolution of the whole sector.

Special form

Two sections combined without torsion, different from each other also by color.

Innovative polymer

The technology used guarantees high wear resistance and softness to the touch. For an unprecedented game, renewed comfort 1:1 constant security for players.

Due form, double guarantee when science is in the service of sport.

Two combined forms

  • Monofilament 6-Wire
  • Bicolor: Lima, for this thickness, simulates the newly born herb that is very resistant + dark, for the finer thread, which simulates the most mature broadleaf grass
  • Dtex 13000 ca
  • Corrugated surface to reduce light reflection
  • Central reinforcement with thickening of the diamond section fiber

The particular form and the tester of which is cast the constribuyen fiber to the high ressitencia to the wear of the thread, that after a high number of test cycles in laboratory, it is four times higher than the current standards of the industry, it does not present any type of Damage.
The DU SHAPE fiber allows to reduce considerably the abrasion and refraction coefficients of the light and safe the constant return of the fiber of the vertical position after the installation, ensuring the optimal rolling of the ball during the matches and to facilitate the Maintenance.


– Football, training and professional competition
– Rugby
– Academias y centros deportivos multifuncionales


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